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Stu LeesOct 12, 2023 12:42:10 AM1 min read

this took me 13 hours last week and minutes today!

You Don't Expect This... When you invite a well known and experienced YouTuber in the ...
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Stu LeesOct 2, 2023 5:56:05 PM< 1 min read

Watch : Live Launch of Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira

Watch Our Live Launch of Revzy Configuration Manager for Jira from 2nd October 2023
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Vish ReddySep 25, 2023 1:08:03 AM3 min read

For The Record

We are in the business of the integrity. In fact, the entire data security industry ...
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Stu LeesSep 5, 2023 9:53:03 PM< 1 min read

Watch On Demmand - How to Migrate to Jira Cloud

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Stu LeesSep 4, 2023 1:46:25 AM2 min read

Atlassian's co-founder Scott Farquhar admits he only comes into the office once every 3 months

In the age of remote work, few have pushed the boundaries quite like Scott Farquhar, ...
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Stu LeesSep 3, 2023 10:55:05 PM2 min read

The Digest for Atlassian Admins : September 2023

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Stu LeesSep 3, 2023 10:42:15 PM< 1 min read

Webinar : How to manage explosive data growth with an AWS Expert

Watch this webinar on demand.
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Stu LeesAug 21, 2023 12:18:03 AM2 min read

15 Essential Resources to Understand Change Management in Jira

As an IT professional, staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies for ...
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Stu LeesAug 15, 2023 6:55:56 PM3 min read

Ensuring Data Resilience: A Vital Aspect of Cloud Partnerships

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Kyle MoseleyJul 28, 2023 12:16:40 AM4 min read

143 Ways That Your Jira Server Could Jeopardize Your Business

Co-authored by Vish Reddy from Revyz and Kyle Moseley from Blue Ridge Consultants.
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