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Backup and Restore Jira Cloud

Atlassian's Jira has become an indespensible tool.  However, the reliability of your Jira site is only as good as the robustness of your data backup and resilience strategy. 

Backup Jira

Why backup Jira in the Cloud?

No-one likes to imagine the worst happening, but when it comes to thinking about backups, most people focus on the unlikely events such as a natural disaster.  In reality, there is a wide range of reasons why people need to restore their cloud data.  These reasons are outlined in the grid below;

MALICIOUS DAMAGE From disgruntled employees, to external parties with a grudge, your data is at risk.
DISASTER Cloud providers such as Atlassian can and do have critical outages that cause data loss making it crucial to keep backup data in another location
CYBERATTACK Cyber attacks are on the rise in frequency and sophistication and SaaS applications like Jira are being targetted 
accidental deletion
accidental deletion

The most common need to recover from backup is from the accidental deletion

bugs in config
bugs in config It is fairly commonplace for issues to occur in Jira production as a result of configuration changes - these changes cannot be easily recovered in Jira
Software Errors
Software Errors

Software bugs, rogue processes and human error can cause damage to your business data

If you break it, you fix it.  Atlassian's Data Restore Policy requires you to backup Jira

Although Atlassian is backing up the Jira Cloud platform, they have made it clear to end customers that these backups are not available when 'user destruction' is involved.  

"We do not use these backups to revert customer-initiated destructive changes, such as fields overwritten using scripts, or deleted issues, projects, or sites. To avoid data loss, we recommend making regular backups."  -  You can explore the policy wording on the Atlassian Security & Trust website here


Revyz Jira Backup Challenges
Atlassian Shared Responsibility

According to the Atlassian Shared Responsibility Policy, Jira backups are your responsibility.

Like most leading Saas providers, Atlassian have published a comprehensive Shared Responsibility policy which helps admins understand what areas Atlassian look after and what areas are to be looked after by customers.  In the case of Jira data backups, it is clear that end customers are responsible for provisioning a backup solution.


"Revyz's simple to use solution provides an easy way to address some of the shared responsibilities customers have with their cloud data"

Christopher PepeCTO, Praecipio

Backups of Jira Data is Critical for Compliance

If you are a SOC 2, ISO Certified organization or GDPR compliant organization it is critical to protect your organizations data with a suitably certified and compliant data backup solution for Jira

Jira Backup is Critical for Compliance
Atlassian Config Error

and so is your Jira Configuration

Managing your configuration in Jira Cloud can be tricky and one small mistake in your configuration can cause your entire site to fail.  Configurations are not backed up automatically in Jira Cloud.


"With Revyz we were able to instantaneously recover Jira issues and attachments deleted accidentally. The Revyz data backup solution had our backs! "

Oscar Hernandez recommends Revyz for Jira Data Backups
Oscar HernandezIT Manager, Backroads

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Check out the Atlassian 2022 App of the Year for Jira Backups

Explore Features

Check out the Atlassian 2022 App of the Year for Jira Backups

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