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Stu LeesJun 9, 2024 3:49:50 AM4 min read

Announcements from Team'24 for Security and Compliance

Announcements from Team'24 for Security and Compliance

As proud sponsors of Atlassian Team '24, we at Revyz were thrilled to witness firsthand the advancements that Atlassian is bringing to the table.  

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For us, the event was a whirlwind of presentations, workshops and networking opportunities, but we made sure that we watched out for announcements that related to security and compliance topics.

In this article, we explore the key takeaways from the event, focusing on what these updates mean for Chief Security Officers (CSOs).

1. Atlassian Guard: Comprehensive Security Suite

One of the most significant announcements was the launch of Atlassian Guard, a robust security suite that combines the capabilities of Atlassian Access and Beacon.

With enhanced threat detection, investigation, and audit logging features, Atlassian Guard is available in two plans: Standard and Premium.


With the introduction of Atlassian Guard, Atlassian has ushered in the next chapter in cloud security for the Atlassian Cloud, providing its customers with a valuable tool to make their cloud environment even more secure while boosting productivity.

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What This Means for CSOs: Atlassian Guard provides CSOs with more advanced tools to protect their data, monitor suspicious activity, and ensure compliance with various security standards. This unified approach simplifies the management of security protocols across organizations.

Two areas critical to cloud security that Guard does not yet meet are, data backup and malware protection, which are still the domain for marketplace partners such as Revyz.


2. Data Residency and Compliance

Atlassian has expanded its data residency support to 11 regions, up from four last year. They also continue to work towards certifications such as FedRamp, C5, IRAP, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Data Security and Resiliency provider, Revyz, also announced the expansion of their data residency and compliance capabilities to stay in line with enterprise demands. 

What This Means for CSOs: This expansion ensures data sovereignty and compliance with local regulations, addressing CSOs' concerns about data governance and legal requirements in cloud. Enterprises can now confidently store data in regions that comply with their specific regulatory needs.


3. Atlassian Rovo: AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Atlassian introduced Rovo, a generative AI tool designed to enhance enterprise knowledge management. Rovo offers unified search across multiple tools, contextualized search results, and AI-driven insights.


What This Means for CSOs: This tool streamlines knowledge management with the Atlassian suite, making it easier to access information.  With these enhancements, like all artificial intelligence platforms, it does bring up other questions related to the nature and the learning process within A.I. and how the learning 'meta data' is stored securely when it pertains to  Atlassian's customer data, and their customers' data.


There is one big question that needs to be answered… Security. In order for Rovo to be tied into various systems, it inherently must have access to them. This means if I use Rovo to help me, it’s possible I’ll be exposed to data I don’t have access to… or does it?

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4. Jira Software and Jira Work Management Combined into a Single Product

A huge announcement at Team'24 was the merge of Jira Work Management and Jira Software into a single product. 

Hailed by Atlassian as a way to "offer a shared place for every team to align on goals and priorities, track and collaborate on work, and get the insights they need to build something incredible, together", this change offers a much simplified offering to customers and in particular with billing. 

What This Means for CSOs: Generally speaking, simpler tends to make things more secure as there are less points of access and points of failure.  CSO's may need to review what these changes mean for their internal use case and, in particular, to pay careful attention to end-user security access to ensure that the change does not expose users to system access that they should not have.  


5. Security Training and Awareness

Atlassian University now offers all courses for free, providing comprehensive training on security best practices and more.

What This Means for CSOs: Free access to Atlassian University provides enterprise teams with less impediment for their users to gain the knowledge and skills to maintain security hygiene, significantly reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities due to human error or incorrect configuration.


6. Cloud Security and Scalability

Atlassian announced support for up to 150K users per site and continuous improvements in cloud infrastructure security.

What This Means for CSOs: Ensuring that enterprise-scale operations can be securely managed, these scalable solutions meet the demands of large organizations while maintaining robust security measures.


Atlassian also stated they are working on C5, FedRamp, and IRAP to go along with their HIPAA, GDPR, finma, EBA, ISO, BaFIn, PCI, SOC2, and CCPA compliance. I will add to this that FedRamp Moderate is expected to be completed in 2025, which we learned at Team Tour: Government earlier this year.

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Summary: What These Points Mean for CSOs in 2024

For CSOs using Atlassian Cloud products, 2024 brings a suite of powerful tools and enhancements focused on improving security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Atlassian Guard offers comprehensive protection and threat management, while expanded data residency ensures regulatory compliance. The introduction of Atlassian Rovo and AI-powered unified search streamlines knowledge management and secure information retrieval. Lastly, scalable cloud solutions ensure that even the largest enterprises can manage their operations securely.

At Revyz, we are excited to see these advancements and look forward to supporting our CSO customers in leveraging these new features to enhance their security strategies and protect their critical data.


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Stu Lees

Stu is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Revyz Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years in IT, Stu runs the global marketing and partnership teams for the Revyz business and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stu has worked in a wide variety of arenas that include 15 years in senior leadership roles in enterprise IT as well as running his own technology integration company from 2006-2013. Stu is involved as a leader in the Auckland Atlassian ACE group and speaks frequently in webinars on both cyber security and marketing.