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No code configuration management for Jira Cloud

Point and click management of Jira Configuration in the cloud with complete security.  


The No-Code Solution to Managing Jira Configuration in the Cloud 

The easiest to use, most secure and most comprehensive configuration management app for Jira Cloud.

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Quickly copy configurations from sandbox to prod

Stop spending hours manually copying configuration from one site to another. Instead, set up your migration in minutes with every single change recorded in an audit log

Instantly Find Differences and Dependencies in Configuration

Quickly identify configuration changes on your production site or compare with your sandbox site and deep dive into what changed. Identify dependencies before copying them and make informed decisions about changes.


Detailed Visibility

Fully understand exactly what you are migrating.

Examine any of your configuration changes in detail including dependencies.


No-risk Copy with Auto Backup and Rollback

The usual method of manual exports and scripts fraught with risk.  Remove this with auto-backup of your configuration then quickly rollback or restore if you ever need to. 

Restores are granular so you can fix any little issues that happen by restoring all or part of your configuration.

All in minutes and without messy scripts


"With Revyz we were able to reverse back
accidental configuration changes without any
disruption to our users. The Revyz solution had our backs!"

Brenden LalliDirector of InformationTechnology


Config Diff
Config Diff Know what has changed between configuration snapshots or sitesㅤㅤ
Audit Log -> Version
Audit Log -> Version Log any changes being made to your production environment
Granular Control
Granular Control Selectively copy configuration objects of your choosingㅤㅤ
Dependency Check
Dependency Check Know which configuration objects have dependencies before making any changes
Configuration Backup
Configuration Backup Protected with automatic backup of configuration objects
Config Optimization
Config Optimization Identify and remove unused configuration objects
Bonus Feature


Included with your Jira Data Manager license is access to Jira site Analytics - critical to the data security and compliance of your Jira site

Birdseye view of Jira
Birdseye view of Jira

Get a complete view of your Jira Cloud Site to support your day to day decisions and strategic planning

Find Deleted Objects
Find Deleted Objects

Search throughout Jira for deleted files

Attachment Search
Attachment Search

Discover unnecessary or unauthorized attachments

Bonus Feature


Included with your Jira Data Manager license is access to Jira site Optimizer  - helps you keep your site clutter free

Maintain and Optimize Your Site
Maintain and Optimize Your Site

To maintain system performance and ease of use for end users, Jira Cloud needs to be managed and maintained

Find Deleted Objects
Find Deleted Objects

Deleted, mis-configured and redundant objects can 'clog up' your Jira system leading to poor performance

Clean Up Your Site
Clean Up Your Site

Use our handy bulk delete tool to rapidly tidy up after you've backed up your data


Enterprise Security & Compliance Encryption
Qualys SSL Labs


  • Revyz is a SOC2 Type 2 compliant organization check out our Trust Center for more information - https://trust.revyz.io

Immutable App Audit Logs
Role Based Access Control

  • The Revyz App utilizes Atlassian native roles based access control scheme
Data Residency

Immutable, air-gapped backups 

For additional information reference - https://support.revyz.io/revyz-data-manager/revyz-data-manager-for-jira-capabilities

Auditing & Logging

Meet risk and compliance obligations with full logging. 

  • Detailed logging of all "jobs" run through the app including backup, restore, deletion and clone jobs - These logs will help you understand any errors and issues seen by the system
  • Immutable audit log of who, when and what was accessed within the app 
Configuration Copy & Clone
  • Selectively clone configuration from Sandbox to Production with ease or from any site to any site
  • Analyze dependencies and changes of the objects you are cloning to reduce errors
  • Reduce risk by making a backup copy prior to migration using Revyz Backup & Restore for Jira
Configuration Backup & Restore

Your configuration is automatically backed up three times a week and you are able to also make point in time backups of your configuration.

Restore is granular enabling administrators to selectively recover individual or groups of configuration objects at will.

Reference here for the supported list of configuration objects - https://support.revyz.io/revyz-config-manager/revyz-configuration-manager-for-jira-capabilities

Native Jira Integration

Tightly integrated into Jira as an app meaning you don't have to leave Jira to manage your backups (and the many other features of our suite). 

The app has been carefully designed to intuitively look, act and feel like Jira so that it is quick to learn and easy to use.

  • Built into your Jira console
  • Atlassian native authentication and authorization
  • Notifications and logging available via Jira tickets
BONUS: Revyz Site Analytics Administrator dashboard and analysis tools to help you manage your Jira sites with ease.  
BONUS: Revyz Site Optimizer
  • Understand the usage of the various configuration objects in your Jira site
  • Bulk Delete unused configuration objects
  • Check to see if a config object is present in your backup before deleting
  • Log of all deletion action

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