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Automated Jira backups and data management for Cloud

An award winning marketplace app with enterprise level Jira backups, granular restore, configuration management, site analytics and site cleanup features make this app the Ultimate Toolbox for Jira Cloud

Jira Backups by Revyz

Automated No-code Backups for Jira Cloud

Drop the manual exports and scripts and automate and schedule your Jira backups to the most sophisticated and secure cloud platform available. .


Backup Jira and Manage Configuration
Revyz Data Manager for Jira Backup

Granular Restore from Jira Backups of Anything to Anywhere

Restore what you want, when you want it and even select the location that you want to restore it to with our app that boasts the most Jira data object coverage in the marketplace.


Manage and Migrate Jira Configuration  with ease

Not just a Jira backup solution, Revyz Data Manager includes a complete Jira Cloud Configuration Manager enabling you to streamline your sandbox to production migrations and save countless hours of effort to do this manually.

Revyz Data Manager Secure

Compliant and Secure

The off the shelf method of Jira Backups is manual and is nowhere close to meeting compliance requirements of most, modern businesses

The Revyz Data Backup platform is built with security and compliance in mind with enterprise features such as;

 - Full logging of all activities

 - SOC2 Certification

 - Global data residency options (a complete match to Atlassian cloud options) 

 - Cloud Fortified

 - Winner of 2022 Rising Start Award on Atlassian Marketplace and  finalist in Enterprise App of the Year 2022


"With Revyz we were able to instantaneously recover Jira issues and attachments deleted accidentally. The Revyz Jira Bacukp solution had our backs! "

oscar profile
Oscar HernandezIT Manager, Backroads

"We're really loving this app, it's very reliable and the team developing it is quick to add features. Support is very quick with responses when we've reached out. Even though it began as a backup tool we actually use it more for merges/migrations of data between Jira instances. "

Kyle MoselyCEO, Blue Ridge Consultants

"Insanely cool app that fills exactly the gap that Atlassian leaves open. It's remarkable how a small startup manages to solve problems that seem unsolvable for the large corporation Atlassian. The support is also first-class. "

Martin LimbrunnerConsultant


Automated Backups of Jira Projects & Config
Automated Backups of Jira Projects & Config Automatic incremental backup every 24 hrs with on-demand backup at your finger tips
Automated backups of JSM Assets
Automated backups of JSM Assets

Automated backups of your critical JSM assets included as part of the Revyz Data Manager

Granular Restore
Granular Restore At will instantaneous selective restore of a single or multiple issues, assets, workflows etc.. 
Sandbox to Production
Sandbox to Production Copy Jira configuration selectively from your sandbox to your production site instantaneously 
Issue Deletion Audit log
Issue Deletion Audit log Know who deleted what issues and when
Config Optimization
Config Optimization Identify and remove unused configuration objects
Bonus Feature


Included with your Jira Data Manager license is access to Jira site Analytics - critical to the data security and compliance of your Jira site

Birdseye view of Jira
Birdseye view of Jira

Get a complete view of your Jira Cloud Site to support your day to day decisions and strategic planning

Find Deleted Objects
Find Deleted Objects

Search throughout Jira for deleted files

Attachment Search
Attachment Search

Discover unnecessary or unauthorized attachments

Bonus Feature


Included with your Jira Data Manager license is access to Jira site Optimizer  - helps you keep your site clutter free

Maintain and Optimize Your Site
Maintain and Optimize Your Site

To maintain system performance and ease of use for end users, Jira Cloud needs to be managed and maintained

Find Deleted Objects
Find Deleted Objects

Deleted, mis-configured and redundant objects can 'clog up' your Jira system leading to poor performance

Clean Up Your Site
Clean Up Your Site

Use our handy bulk delete tool to rapidly tidy up after you've backed up your data


Enterprise Security & Compliance


Qualys SSL Labs


  • Revyz is a SOC2 Type 2 compliant organization check out our Trust Center for more information - https://trust.revyz.io

Immutable App Audit Logs
Role Based Access Control

  • The Revyz App utilizes Atlassian native roles based access control scheme

Data Residency

Immutable, air-gapped Jira backups 

For additional information reference - https://support.revyz.io/revyz-data-manager/revyz-data-manager-for-jira-capabilities

Audit & Logging

Meet risk and compliance obligations with full logging. 

  • Detailed logging of all "jobs" run through the app including backup, restore, deletion and clone jobs - These logs will help you understand any errors and issues seen by the system
  • Immutable audit log of who, when and what was accessed within the app 
Jira Project, Configuration & Asset Backup
  • Automatic daily backups running every 24 hours
  • On-demand backup - enables you to run a backup job just before you make any significant configuration changes
  • Ever incremental backups
  • Detailed analytics on data backed-up at the project level - know how many new issues got added, how long the backup took etc..
  • Reference here for the supported list of configuration objects - https://support.revyz.io/revyz-data-manager/revyz-data-manager-for-jira-capabilities
  • Support for JSM Assets backup
  • 1 Year of data retention
  • Backup unlimited number of projects & issues
  • 250G storage limit on attachments

Our no-code, point and click restore means that you can restore any time that you want and in the following ways;

  • Granular restore of:
    • Attachments
    • Issues
    • Projects with configuration only
    • Projects with configuration and data
    • Configuration such as Workflow, Screens, Custom fields, etc..
  • Restore support for all Jira project types and JSM Assets
  • Restore back your data to the same site you backed-up your data or to a different site
  • Maintain parent child relationships when restoring your issue data
  • Reference here for the supported list of configuration objects - https://support.revyz.io/revyz-data-manager/revyz-data-manager-for-jira-capabilities

Native Jira Integration

Tightly integrated into Jira as an app meaning you don't have to leave Jira to manage your backups (and the many other features of our suite). 

The app has been carefully designed to intuitively look, act and feel like Jira so that it is quick to learn and easy to use.

  • Built into your Jira console
  • Atlassian native authentication and authorization
  • Notifications and logging available via Jira tickets
BONUS: Revyz Site Analytics

Administrator focussed analytics showing you what your Jira site is made up off

Issue deletion audit - Know who deleted what and when

Attachment analytics - know where your attachments are and if you are in compliance with your organizations policies

BONUS: Revyz Site Optimizer
  • Understand the usage of the various configuration objects in your Jira site
  • Bulk Delete unused configuration objects
  • Check to see if a config object is present in your backup before deleting
  • Log of all deletion actions

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