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Analyze Jira Cloud Site

With no basic Administrator focussed analytics with in Jira explore the risks, options and best practices for Jira Administrators

Use Case Analyze


So you've moved your Jira Server to the Cloud but did you  understand the challenges and shortcomings when it comes to understanding your Jira Cloud site?

no issue deletion audit logs
no issue deletion audit logs Jira issue  deletions are forever - there is no way to know Who did it, What they did and When they did it
No Birds Eye View of your entire site
No Birds Eye View of your entire site A Jira administrator has spend hours searching through multiple pages to understand the complexity of a Jira site
Attachment Compliance
Attachment Compliance No easy way to search for attachments and understand what type of attachments are stored to ensure compliance
Configuration Usage
Configuration Usage Searching on Jira to find the relationships of various configuration objects is frustrating
Project Analytics
Project Analytics No easy way to understand how big and how active a given project within Jira is to gauge its importance
Configuration Connectivity
Configuration Connectivity Configuration objects within Jira are interlinked with one another, make a small change can have a huge impact

Getting a birds-eye view of your Jira Cloud site is essential for Jira Admins

You can't manage what you can't see, but unfortunately, the tools within Jira for administrators to see crucial areas, do not exist

Usecase Analyze Summary

Knowing what is being deleted in Jira is critical

 It is critical to have a clear log of all deletions of issues within a Jira site, not having that is a significant gap in your security processes - more so if you are a SOC 2 or ISO certified organization.

Not being in compliance can have significant impact to your organizations.

Rogue attachments can negatively impact on your compliance obligations

It does not take long in a Jira Site for attachments to start using up a lot of resources and this can slow down performance and make searching for things difficult.

Some organizations also have restrictions on certain attachment types that are not permitted to be stored. 

Finding and managing attachments is not a simple process in Jira Cloud.

Revyz Use Case Search for Attachments

If left alone, Jira can become complex and messy impacting on performance and security

There is no easy way to understand your Jira site, Administrators have to spend valuable time clicking through many pages to get the information they are looking for

Ready to get more visibility of your Jira Cloud site?

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