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SPKA & AssociatesJun 9, 2024 7:02:19 PM1 min read

A Guide to Regulatory Compliance in Atlassian Cloud (EBA, BaFin, HIPAA, and more)

A Guide to Regulatory Compliance in Atlassian Cloud (EBA, BaFin, HIPAA, and more)

This is a partner guest-article from Atlassian Solution Partner experts, SPK & Associates

It’s good practice to observe the regulations a software solution conforms to before choosing one for your business. In this blog post, we will be exploring the updates Atlassian Cloud has added to its regulatory compliance guidelines in recent years.


Atlassian Cloud Regulatory Compliance Updates



Atlassian Cloud has made many significant updates in recent years, one being EBA compliance. Basically, the European Banking Authority (EBA) is an independent EU establishment responsible for overseeing all banking in EU countries with a uniform set of regulations. Atlassian Cloud’s main goal when complying with EBA financial regulations is to guarantee sound financial standing and confidence for its users

Here are some of the key ways Atlassian Cloud complies with EBA:

  • All documentation is clear, including pricing and sub-outsourcing information.
  • Service availability updates are published here so customers can monitor performance.
  • Atlassian’s insurance covers many identifiable risks.
  • Customers are allowed to access or export their data anytime.
  • Atlassian always complies with the standards listed in their trust center.
  • The same level of security is provided to every customer.
  • Atlassian permits customers to carry out penetration testing without prior approval.
  • Atlassian customers will never put other customers at risk when it comes to service level, data, or confidentiality.
  • Customers are allowed to terminate service for any reason listed in Section 13.4 of the EBA Guidelines.
  • Organizations needing a transition period in between service providers may extend their subscription term for a short time.

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