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Axians BelgiumJun 13, 2024 12:54:39 AM< 1 min read

Cybersecurity & NIS2: What is it all about?

Cybersecurity & NIS2: What is it all about?

This is a partner guest-article from Atlassian Solution Partner experts, Axians


The NIS2 Directive is a crucial European regulation focusing on the security of networks and information systems in many critical sectors. By October 17, 2024, all EU member states must transpose the NIS2 Directive into their national legislation, after which the requirements will become effectively applicable. Compliance with the NIS2 directive therefore becomes essential to protect your organization against cyber threats, manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

NIS2 targets many new sectors

The food, industrial automation and waste management sectors will soon fall within the scope of the NIS2 directive. Consequently, companies operating in these fields need to be aware of the provisions of the NIS2 directive and the measures required to comply with them. More than ever, they need to pay particular attention to the security of their network and information systems. This is because of the potential impact of a security incident on the continuity of essential services, and its economic and social consequences.

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