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Sanket ParlikarSep 6, 2022 7:00:00 AM3 min read

Why we built Revyz

The original idea for Revyz emerged from Vish’s and my combined experiences. Both of us having spent more than a decade in the data security industry, and experiencing all of the usual pain points like, manual export of SaaS data, encrypting data, accidental deletions, Ransomware attacks, defensible deletion requests, bad migrations, watching malicious actors going deeper into software development chain etc. We realized there was a common misconception among SaaS application administrators and decision makers that SaaS application data is automatically secured by the vendor providing the service. We also realized that not all SaaS applications out there were providing an easy mechanism for SaaS app administrators to easily secure their data. That led us to explore further to see which SaaS app we could focus on. Just around that time we ran into an interesting situation: one of our common friend's companies had been acquired and the acquisition was not necessarily a good exit for all the stakeholders involved. Our friend would tell us how disgruntled his fellow employees were and how some of them were sabotaging things by deleting data in their Jira and other SaaS applications that were used by the company. I would say this was my Eureka! Moment where I saw a clear need for a secure and simple SaaS data backup and restore solution, where-in “Everybody needs it, but nobody has it!” I would have to credit this tag line to Samir Shah, our advisor and founder of Zephyr.


The more we dug into the Atlassian & Jira ecosystem we realized that we had a clear opportunity to help simplify the lives of the Atlassian administrators and give them peace of mind with regards to Jira data and backup & restore. Thus we embarked on a journey of building a simple easy to use solution with all the capabilities that an Atlassian Administrator and Security & Compliance professionals would care about with the underlying principles of simplicity and no-compromise on security.

In our conversations with Atlassian administrators we realized that they were looking for a solution which helps them with granular restoration of data versus a full roll back, as a full roll back could lead to data loss, they wanted the restore process to be surgical and precise and at the same time support the ability to rollback or export data out without incurring additional costs. This simple concept of granular restore led us to naming this venture as Revyz (pronounced as Revize - related revise |  to make a new, amended, improved, or up-to-date version of )

This mission of providing peace of mind to the Atlassian administrator and Security & Compliance professionals by securing their team's critical operational data is what has got us here today as we unveil our first Atlassian native Jira Software Backup & Restore app in the Atlassian marketplace.

The Revyz Backup & Restore app provides automatic backup and stress-free data recovery for Jira Software in the cloud. This is a native Atlassian application add-on that installs in your cloud instance and backs up your Jira Software data to an offsite cloud. This ensures you have protection from data vulnerabilities like ransomware, accidental deletions, insider threats, bad migrations etc. With features like daily automatic backups, unlimited restores, granular and quick restores, data exports, offsite storage, 250GB of attachment storage, 1 year data retention and industry standard authentication and encryption, Revyz Backup & Restore provides peace-of-mind and adherence to security and compliance needs.

We have many people to thank, without whose help we would not be where we are, this includes our investors, advisors, employees, partners, friends and the Atlassian partners & community leaders / administrators who guided us thus far.

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Why we built Revyz


Sanket Parlikar

Sanket is the CTO and Co-founder of Revyz Inc and has had an extensive career in technology and enterprise data protection companies. Sanket leads the growing technical and development team at Revyz Pune offices and is also an Atlassian ACE Leader of the Pune ACE. Vish speaks at a variety of industry meetups on topics such as software developmet, data resiliency, security and business startups.