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Stu LeesMar 24, 2024 9:20:44 PM4 min read

After the Cloud - Strategies for post Jira Cloud Migrations

Strategies for after you migrate to Jira Cloud



Revyz held a webinar with Jean-Philipe Coumeu from Adaptavist to help Jira Admins and Confluence Admins to navigate their post-cloud migration strategy.  This was one of our most popular topics and most well attended live webinars so is highly recommended viewing.


Table of Contents 


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Speaker Introductions

Stu Lees (Revyz): Welcome, everyone. Thank you for joining us today from all around the world. I'm Stu Lees from Revyz, and I'll be hosting our expert session focusing on cloud migration for Jira and Confluence, a topic we've spent a lot of time contemplating. We're thrilled to have experts from Adaptavist and Revyz here to share their insights.

Stu Lees (Revyz): Over the last six months, we've noticed a significant interest in cloud migration strategies within the community. Many are contemplating whether to move to the cloud and how it affects their operations post-migration.

Jean-Philippe Comeau (Adaptavist): I'm Jean-Philippe, or JP, based in Montreal, Canada. As head of solution engineering at Adaptavist North America, I've been in the Atlassian space for around 10 years. My journey started in the gaming industry, leading to consulting and working closely with customers to create solutions. I've been involved in cloud migration and post-migration processes for quite some time and am eager to share our experiences.

Vish Reddy (Revyz): Thanks, Stu. I'm Vish Reddy, with a background in electrical engineering and over 15 years in the information security space, having worked at prominent companies like Symantec and Cisco. My focus, especially in the context of today's discussion, veers towards data security post-cloud migration.

Stu Lees: Today's webinar will explore cloud migration's intricacies, emphasizing data security, compliance, and the operational changes it entails. We aim to provide a comprehensive understanding to help you navigate this transition effectively.

Webinar Highlights

Cloud Migration Considerations

The need for a robust strategy that addresses security, data residency, and compliance requirements. The speakers emphasize the importance of understanding where data is stored and ensuring it aligns with regulatory standards.

Customization and Integration Challenges

Migrating to the cloud can be complex due to the customizable nature of Jira and Confluence. The discussion covers strategies for preserving custom workflows and integrations during the migration process.

Operational Impact and User Adaptation

The transition to the cloud changes how teams operate and interact with the software. The speakers discuss the importance of preparing for these changes through planning and communication.

Post-Migration Strategy

Beyond the technical migration aspects, the webinar covers ongoing management, security in the cloud, and adapting operational models to the new environment.

Leveraging Community and Partner Resources

 The importance of utilizing resources and support from Atlassian and partners like Adaptavist and Revyz is highlighted, offering a pathway for organizations to access expert guidance and assistance.

Webinar Transcript Summary

The following is a system generated transcript of the webinar

Stu Lees (Revyz): In the last six months and in community discussions, there's been a lot of focus on moving to the cloud. What are people really asking about?

Jean-Philippe (Adaptavist): We realized not many were thinking ahead about what happens after moving to the cloud for Jira and Confluence. It's crucial to consider the security of your data and where it's hosted to ensure compliance and operational efficiency post-migration.

Vish Reddy (Revyz): Exactly, JP. With the cloud, it's not just about migration; it's about understanding the implications for data security and how operational tasks change. We need to ensure teams are prepared for these changes and understand the responsibilities that come with a cloud environment.

Jean-Philippe (Adaptavist): One major concern everyone has is data residency and security. It's not just about moving data to the cloud but knowing where it resides and ensuring it meets regulatory and compliance requirements.

Stu Lees (Revyz): And with the customization and flexibility that Jira and Confluence offer, how do you see this affecting migrations?

Jean-Philippe (Adaptavist): That's a big challenge. The customizable nature of these tools means that migrations need to be carefully planned to ensure that workflows, integrations, and customizations are preserved or appropriately adapted to the cloud environment.

Vish Reddy (Revyz): On top of that, the operational impact is significant. How teams interact with the software changes, and there's a need to manage these changes effectively. Training, communication, and a clear understanding of the new cloud environment are essential.

Jean-Philippe (Adaptavist): Absolutely. And post-migration, there's a whole new set of considerations. It's not just about the technical migration but how you manage your data, maintain security, and adapt your operational models in the cloud.

Stu Lees (Revyz): It sounds like leveraging community and partner resources is key to navigating these challenges.

Vish Reddy (Revyz): Definitely. The support from Atlassian and partners like Adaptavist and Revyz is invaluable. There's a wealth of knowledge and tools available to help organizations through this transition.

Stu Lees (Revyz): Thank you both for sharing your insights. It's clear that while cloud migration presents challenges, with the right planning, resources, and support, organizations can navigate this transition successfully.


Stu Lees

Stu is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Revyz Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years in IT, Stu runs the global marketing and partnership teams for the Revyz business and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stu has worked in a wide variety of arenas that include 15 years in senior leadership roles in enterprise IT as well as running his own technology integration company from 2006-2013. Stu is involved as a leader in the Auckland Atlassian ACE group and speaks frequently in webinars on both cyber security and marketing.

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