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Vish ReddyOct 24, 2023 10:15:26 PM3 min read

Is Your Backup Data Local To You

Revyz Backup Data Residency is now available in Singapore & Canada

Many companies are hesitant to move to the cloud because they are concerned that their data will be stored in a region they don't trust. However, the cloud is quickly becoming the standard for organizations across industries because it offers flexibility, security, and innovation. To accommodate teams in regulated sectors, Atlassian Cloud offers local data residency, which allows you to choose where your data is stored for any of the Atlassian Cloud products that you are using such as Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence, and Atlassian Data Lake.

Where does Atlassian offer local data residency?


Atlassian as many know is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers local data residency in the following countries / regions - United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and the EU and Canada and will be expanding to the UK and Japan soon.

Knowing your data residency settings is a crucial element for enterprise businesses, or businesses who hold customer data and must disclose this information publicly.  Although this is commonplace, an area that is often overlooked, but equally important, is the data residency of your backup data.


Where does Revyz offer backup data residency?

Revyz like Atlassian is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers local data residency in the following countries / regions - United States, Australia, and Germany.

Today we are announcing the support for local data residency in Singapore and Canada,  We will be expanding to the UK and Japan as and when Atlassian introduces support for those regions.

Here is our mapping of local data residency support:

Atlassian Data Location

Atlassian AWS Regions

Revyz AWS Regions



Consists of AWS Singapore region

Asia Pacific - AWS Asia Pacific

Singapore ( ap-southeast-1 )



Consists of AWS Canada region

Canada - AWS Canada Central ( ca-central-1 )


All Atlassian cloud in AWS region

US - AWS US East

North Virginia ( us-east-1 )


Consists of AWS Sydney region

Asia Pacific - AWS Asia Pacific

Sydney ( ap-southeast-2 )


Consists of AWS Frankfurt and Dublin regions

EU - AWS Europe

Frankfurt ( eu-central-1 )


Consists of AWS Frankfurt region

EU - AWS Europe

Frankfurt ( eu-central-1 )


Consists of US East and US West regions

US - AWS US East

North Virginia ( us-east-1 )


What is local data residency?

When a company moves from its in-house servers to the cloud, it puts its trust in a remote data center maintained by a provider with state-of-the-art hardware and security, such as Atlassian Cloud, which uses AWS. Most large cloud providers have data centers in many locations around the world. The exact location of your data within these centers is called data residency.

With local data residency, your organization can choose to store its data in a specific geographic location. This can be important for businesses that need to comply with data protection laws or regulations, or that have specific concerns about the security of their data.

The benefits of local backup data residency

One of the challenges for teams in regulated industries, such as healthcare, government, or finance, is complying with regional data management requirements, which can vary greatly by location. Atlassian local backup data residency gives you control over where your Atlassian backup data is stored and processed, which can help you meet your compliance obligations. Additionally, local data residency allows you to take full advantage of the cloud, while still keeping your data secure and accessible to your team. 

With Revyz Cloud, you can reliably now manage your backup data directly through us, while also enhancing collaboration and accelerating workflow using Atlassian applications.

Trust Center: Real-time status updates for total transparency

Here at Revyz, we’ve assembled this Trust Center ( https://trust.revyz.io ) as your one-stop reference for everything security, reliability, privacy, and compliance. No surprises here, with Trust Center you can stay up on the status of all of Revyz’s offering.



Vish Reddy

Vish is the CEO and Co-founder of Revyz Inc and leads the strategic growth of the company from the HQ in San Francisco. Over the past twenty years, Vish has worked exclusively in the IT sector with senior roles in large scale, data protection and backup firms such as Symantec and Druva. Vish is currently leader at Atlassian ACE San Francisco as well as a frequent speaker on business, data resiliency, IT security and startups.