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Stu LeesOct 12, 2023 12:42:10 AM1 min read

this took me 13 hours last week and minutes today!

You Don't Expect This...

When you invite a well known and experienced YouTuber in the Atlassian community to try out your shiny new app product, the biggest hope that you tend to have is that he does not find any bugs in it. 

So when we saw Alex Ortiz publish this glowing review of Revyz Configuration Manager for JIra, you can be assured that we all breathed a sign of relief.  Not only did Alex give the app the "this is super easy to use" tick, but while he was testing it, he realized the very reason why we built it.  In Alex' words;

"If you are a Jira Admin... this plugin is going to completely revolustionize how you do your migrations." 

But We Did Expect This...

Sure, we're very happy with Alex' kind words in this video, but we already understood how JIra Admins around the world have been struggling with managing configurations in Jira Cloud and we decided a few months ago to build the app.  



More Info

You can check out Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira right here and you can try it on the Marketplace, here.

If you want to watch more of the excellent reviews by Alex - go to his channel and subscribe





Stu Lees

Stu is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Revyz Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years in IT, Stu runs the global marketing and partnership teams for the Revyz business and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stu has worked in a wide variety of arenas that include 15 years in senior leadership roles in enterprise IT as well as running his own technology integration company from 2006-2013. Stu is involved as a leader in the Auckland Atlassian ACE group and speaks frequently in webinars on both cyber security and marketing.