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Vish ReddyApr 17, 2023 6:43:39 PM4 min read

Revyz Named As Partner Of The Year 2022 Rising Star

Atlassian announced today that Revyz has received Atlassian Partner of the Year 2022 Rising Star for its outstanding contribution and achievements during the calendar year 2022. This includes exceptional efforts in developing new business, thought
leadership, and products and services that complement Atlassian.

Revyz was one of 26 global partner recipients honored in the annual Atlassian Partner of the Year program for its continuous efforts and exceptional customer work.

“We’re proud of the Revyz team's achievements in 2022 and are excited to recognize them as an Atlassian Partner of the Year,” said Allyce Mardesich, Atlassian’s Head of Marketplace Partnerships. “The growth, innovation, and passion our partners demonstrate every day is a key component to the Atlassian solutions unleashing the potential in every team. We look forward to working with Revyz to continue providing customers with valuable solutions on the Atlassian Marketplace.”

“Achieving the Rising Star Partner of the Year is a great honor.” Says Vish. “We’ve been in business for just over a year now, so it's a big deal for us. It shows that the Atlassian experts believe in our product and the market gap we identified. And, it provides us with the confidence to continue evolving Revyz as the ultimate toolbox for Jira administrators.”


According to Okta’s 2022 Business at Work report, Atlassian's product suite is the 6th most widely used SaaS application in businesses globally. And, its cloud revenues grew by over 50% in FY-Q4 '22 compared to FY-Q4 '21, highlighting the growing adoption of their SaaS offerings. However, despite its popularity, there is still confusion about the built-in data protection capabilities of the Atlassian Product Suite and the cloud security shared responsibility model. Particularly for Jira cloud - its most popular application. 

Data has become an important asset that can be used to gain a competitive advantage in today's digital economy. Companies understand the value of data. Equally, customers trust that their valuable information is protected beyond a doubt. Furthermore, cloud computing has become increasingly popular and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are a major part of this landscape change. Now, it’s rapidly replacing traditional enterprise and web applications deployed in on-premises data centers.

Like all cloud providers, Atlassian's product suite, such as Jira and Confluence, follows a shared responsibility model where the cloud provider and the customer have defined responsibilities. For example, the provider is responsible for managing application performance and uptime, and the customer is responsible for data protection and retention. Additionally, Atlassian’s SLAs only apply to data scenarios that Atlassian loses scenarios involving their own infrastructure-related issues. Not the data businesses lose because of their own accidents. Revyz has successfully addressed these data security gaps within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Sanket says, “We’re really proud of how Revyz Data Manager for Jira has been adopted by Jira admins so far. This award shows our expertise when it comes to providing a robust and trusted backup and restore solution for Atlassian products.I don’t think it’s commonly known that Atlassian doesn’t provide this functionality as standard. Our mission is to empower agile teams to protect and manage their mission-critical data.”

Before creating Revyz Data Manager for Jira, the Co-founders spent more than a decade in the data security industry. They experienced all of the usual pain points like, manual export of SaaS data, encrypting data, accidental deletions, ransomware attacks, defensible deletion requests, bad migrations, watching malicious actors going deeper into software development chain and so on. They knew there needed to be a laser-focused solution. So, in 2022 they started building Revyz on the foundations cloud backup should be simple, reliable and useful. 

The Revyz Data Manager for Jira addresses a critical data security need in the Atlassian cloud ecosystem. It’s the first toolkit of it’s kind that is built with a focus of not only improving the security and performance of customers’ Jira environment, but also to make the lives of Jira admins easier by removing manual tasks so that they can focus on tasks that matter.   

In general, Atlassian Partners offer unique professional services, skills, and even their own products, like Revyz. Partners’ expert services together with Atlassian’s suite of products are a recipe for success. And, with over 200,000 Atlassian cloud customers, Revyz has a huge potential for wider adoption in the community.

Try Revyz for free on Atlassian Marketplace here.

About Revyz
Revyz is the first Jira native data protection application in the Atlassian Marketplace. And, it’s backed by Atlassian and Druva.

Revyz Data Manager for Jira can store data securely and remotely, making it available for various recovery scenarios without having you roll back the entire site. It’s simple, reliable and useful.


Vish Reddy

Vish is the CEO and Co-founder of Revyz Inc and leads the strategic growth of the company from the HQ in San Francisco. Over the past twenty years, Vish has worked exclusively in the IT sector with senior roles in large scale, data protection and backup firms such as Symantec and Druva. Vish is currently leader at Atlassian ACE San Francisco as well as a frequent speaker on business, data resiliency, IT security and startups.