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Stu LeesJul 2, 2024 7:09:48 PM7 min read

The Digest for Atlassian Admins : July 2024

Hey Atlassian Admins Community!
Here is your helpful Digest of the useful, the fun, the interesting and the newsworthy for July 2024.  

πŸ“° News

After 13 years, Atlassian delivers custom domain names for Jira

Atlassian has launched custom domains for Jira and Confluence after a 13-year wait. This feature, exclusive to Cloud Premium customers, requires two subdomains for security reasons. Custom domains for Confluence will arrive in Q3 2024.

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Atlassian Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities in Confluence, Crucible, Jira

Atlassian has patched high-severity vulnerabilities in Confluence, Crucible, and Jira, including a critical broken access control issue in Confluence and SSRF vulnerabilities. Updates for Crucible address deserialization issues, while Jira updates fix an information disclosure flaw. These vulnerabilities affect both Data Center and Server versions. No known exploitation has occurred.

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Atlassian now gives startups a year of free access

Atlassian now offers startups a year of free access to its cloud products, including Jira Software, Confluence, and Trello. This initiative aims to support early-stage companies by providing essential tools for project management, collaboration, and development. The program is designed to ease financial constraints for startups and encourage growth by leveraging Atlassian's suite of software solutions.

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πŸ’‘ Tips & Resources

Cloud vs. On-Premise Disaster Recovery: A Comparison

Compare cloud and on-premise disaster recovery. Cloud solutions offer automated, scalable, and cost-effective recovery with continuous data replication, while on-premise solutions require significant hardware investment and manual processes. Despite cloud advantages, effective disaster recovery plans and regular testing are crucial due to potential security risks and service outages.

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 Cloud Disaster Recovery Planning : Assessing Risks in the Cloud in 2024

This is the second article of our multi-part series on disaster recovery in the cloud. In this blog article understand the crucial steps to assess and mitigate risks like cybersecurity threats, data loss, and service outages. Learn effective strategies such as implementing multi-factor authentication, regular backups, and compliance audits to secure your cloud-based systems. Real-world examples emphasize the necessity of robust disaster recovery plans.

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Hacker Attempts to Sell Jira Zero-Day Exploit on the Dark Web for $15m

A hacker is selling a Jira zero-day exploit on the dark web for $15 million. This remote code execution exploit targets the latest Jira Desktop version and works with Okta Single-Sign-On (SSO) without needing login credentials. Although no exploitation incidents have been reported, users are advised to enhance their security protocols.

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Announcements from Team'24 for Security and Compliance

At Atlassian's Team '24 event, major security and compliance updates were announced. Key highlights include the launch of Atlassian Guard, expanded data residency support, the introduction of the AI-powered tool Rovo, and the merger of Jira Software and Jira Work Management. Additionally, Atlassian University will offer free security training to enhance data protection and operational efficiency.

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A Guide to Regulatory Compliance in Atlassian Cloud (EBA, BaFin, HIPAA, and more)

Discover how Atlassian Cloud meets regulatory compliance with EBA, BaFin, HIPAA, and more. This article covers essential measures like detailed documentation, service updates, robust insurance, data access and export options, and customer-performed penetration testing. Atlassian ensures uniform security and specific service termination guidelines to keep your business compliant and secure.

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Cybersecurity & NIS2: What is it all about?

In this article learn the essentials of NIS2, the EU's updated cybersecurity directive. Learn how it strengthens network and information systems security across vital sectors, introduces stricter requirements, and enhances incident response capabilities. Understand the implications for businesses, the expanded scope of affected entities, and steps to ensure compliance.

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How Google Deleted $125 Billion Pension Fund Account

Read about a significant incident where Google accidentally deleted a $125 billion pension fund account. This article details the error, the resolution steps, and the broader implications for data security in cloud services. It also highlights essential lessons and strategies organizations can use to avoid similar risks.

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How to Manage Information Security Risks in Jira in Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001

Managing information security risks in Jira per ISO/IEC 27001 involves implementing strict access controls, data encryption, and regular security audits. Compliance is achieved through proper documentation and training. It's also crucial to have a robust incident response plan and continuous monitoring to protect sensitive information within Jira.

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From Facebook to Atlassian Marketplace Entrepreneur with Darin LaFramboise

In this Revyz CouldTalks session Stu catches up with Darin LaFramboise and talks about his amazing journey through tech startup land to becoming an Atlassian Marketplace Founder.

Watch here. 


Revyz CloudTalks with Marc Brickley

Join Stu Lees for an insightful conversation with Marc Brickley from Clear Path for Jira. In this episode of Revyz ColudTalks, Marc and Stu discuss the highlights of the Atlassian Team Conference, Marc's journey from the US Defense Industry to Silicon Valley, and the development of innovative apps like Clear Path for Jira. Learn about the challenges of agile development, the importance of visualizations, and how Clear Path helps streamline project management. Marc also shares his views on personal well-being, coaching, and the value of community in the tech industry. Don't miss this engaging talk filled with valuable insights and practical advice!

Watch here. 


Alex Ortiz Interviews Stu Lees

Discover Stu from Revyz and his journey into the Atlassian community. Hear about his experience with Team24, becoming an Atlassian Creator and how he became an ultra distance runner. 

Watch here. 


Jira Backup Buyers Guide

Revyz hears from customers that many backup solutions keep promising to β€˜backup everything in Jira’. But how many actually make the cut? So Revyz has taken matters into their own hands and have created this page for customers in hopes to provide them with knowledge regarding the blindspots of backup solutions by fact-checking features of backup apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Jira Cloud Resource Center

This page created by Revyz is a hub for Jira and Confluence Cloud information and resources. Being updated weekly with new content, this page provides useful information such as best practices for cloud admins, cyber security threat landscape for 2024, configuration management resources and more.

Read here.


eBook πŸ“– : The Ultimate Guide to Jira Change Management

For Jira Administrators and IT Managers 

βœ“  Understand best practices in change management
βœ“  Understand key differences between Server, Data Center, and Jira Cloud
βœ“  Plan a resilient and future-proof change management process

Download the eBook. 


πŸ“† Events

Webinar : Managing Regulatory Requirements with Jira Cloud

Learn from industry experts on how to navigate the hidden and costly complexities of Atlassian Cloud licensing, plug-ins, compliance and maintenance.

Join SPK and Associates, an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, for an insightful webinar on "Managing Regulatory Requirements in Jira Cloud."  Led by Edwin Chung, VP of Service Delivery at SPK and Associates, this webinar will talk about strategies and best practices for navigating complex regulatory landscapes using Jira Cloud.  Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage Jira's robust features to ensure compliance across various industries, including healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, defense, and automotive.

Register here


Chicago ACE Event with Stu Lees from Revyz 

This series will explore the Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model and why backing up your data is your responsibility within this model. By understanding these aspects of the Atlassian Shared Responsibility Model, you can make informed decisions about data protection and choose a backup provider that meets your specific needs.

Guest speaker for this event will be Stu Lees from Revyz.

Register here


Certification Bootcamp for Jira Software Essentials & Networking - ATX Atlassian

Don't miss the Jira Software Essentials Certification Bootcamp and networking session at the Atlassian ATX Office! Expert Ree Kent will provide exam tips, sample questions, and essential concepts from the Jira Software learning path. This session will give you valuable insights into the exam contents, a Jira Essentials glossary, and helpful tips for taking the exam. Join us and enhance your Jira expertise!

Register here. 


Get Started with Jira Software | July 2024 Cohort

Join Alex Ortiz in this 60-minute session for beginners to learn about the basics of Jira software on July 25th. In this session you’ll learn about terms, key concepts, and core product features such as issues, projects, and boards.

RSVP here. 


πŸ’» New Admin Tools in the Marketplace


Here is a selection of the latest apps for cloud administrators in the Atlassian Marketplace



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Stu Lees

Stu is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Revyz Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years in IT, Stu runs the global marketing and partnership teams for the Revyz business and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stu has worked in a wide variety of arenas that include 15 years in senior leadership roles in enterprise IT as well as running his own technology integration company from 2006-2013. Stu is involved as a leader in the Auckland Atlassian ACE group and speaks frequently in webinars on both cyber security and marketing.