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Sanket ParlikarMar 6, 2023 9:39:09 AM3 min read

JSM Assets Backup & Restore

System Down

When servers go down, critical applications become inaccessible to employees and customers alike. To exacerbate the situation, it is often unclear which applications are impacted and who is affected, making it challenging to even begin troubleshooting. As a result, chaos reigns, employee productivity grinds to a halt, and customers become increasingly dissatisfied.

A major system outage like this, while unnerving for any business, can be avoided with the help of the Jira Service Management Assets, or Assets. Jira Service Management, a platform we support at Revyz, comes with a robust Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as described in my previous blog post on JSM Assets. In summary JSM Assets provides a single system of record and digital blueprint for all assets of a business be it information technology (IT) related or not. Businesses rely on their JSM Assets to avoid outages, maintain compliance, and understand the impact of changes before they are made.

What’s the impact of lost or corrupted JSM Assets data?

While the benefits of a JSM Assets are many, its value is contingent on having accurate and available data at all times. JSM Assets can only be helpful if it contains high-quality, accurate, and well-maintained information. When configuration items (CI) data in JSM Assets is lost or corrupted, the risk of business disruption increases, and the ability to diagnose outages, manage assets, and maintain compliance are severely weakened. In fact, having inaccurate or incomplete CI data in JSM Assets can cause even bigger problems if businesses aren’t careful.

Having the JSM Assets database that contains “dirty” data can create confusion, waste effort, and lose time when a major incident occurs. Further complicating the issue is that CI data can sometimes be lost or corrupted days or even weeks before anyone even notices. Over that period of time, business decisions and changes to the various business assets may only add to the mess, especially if teams responsible for this data are unable to examine historical data to trace all of the changes and identify how and when their data loss or corruption occurred. 

This is a nightmare scenario that keeps IT leaders and Jira Service Management platform owners up at night.

Below is a quote from a Jira Service Management customer in the financial services industry whose JSM Assets database was corrupted by a development partner. It took this customer over two weeks to recover, which led to further data loss and affected their ability to view how service incidents impacted their business.

“Two months ago a development partner accidentally corrupted data in our JSM Assets database. It took us two weeks to understand what had happened and then recover back. While we were able to recover the original data we had further data loss during this period.  We also couldn’t assign CIs to service incidents which impacted our visibility into how they were impacting infrastructure and business as a whole”

- JSM Platform Owner, Financial Services

You can see now why an accurate JSM Assets database is so important to an organization and why it’s a high priority to protect the data in the JSM Assets database.

But how do you do it?

Protect JSM Assets database (and other Jira data) with Revyz Data Manager for Jira. The Revyz Data Manager for Jira is available in the Atlassian Marketplace and addresses among the many use cases the use of protecting data in the Jira platform including JSM Assets by way of automatically backing up the data and making it be available on an on-demand basis at anytime to restore the data in case of an eventuality on a granular basis.

Protecting your JSM platform data is essential to avoiding business disruption and minimizing risk, to any type of incident associated with the asset information being available in the JSM Assets database.  However, did you know it’s your responsibility (as a customer) to protect your Jira data?

Revyz Data Manager for Jira helps companies increase JSM Assets data resilience and accuracy with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery. With Revyz Data Manager for Jira, many companies can back up their critical Asset data with more control, restore lost or corrupted data with speed and ease, and mitigate risk with flexible backup retention policies.


Sanket Parlikar

Sanket is the CTO and Co-founder of Revyz Inc and has had an extensive career in technology and enterprise data protection companies. Sanket leads the growing technical and development team at Revyz Pune offices and is also an Atlassian ACE Leader of the Pune ACE. Vish speaks at a variety of industry meetups on topics such as software developmet, data resiliency, security and business startups.