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Stu LeesJul 10, 2024 8:30:12 PM2 min read

Partnership in Australasia Brings Increased Security and Reduced Costs for SMEs and Startups Using Atlassian Cloud

Partnership in Australasia Brings Increased Security and Reduced Costs for SME's and Startups Using Atlassian Cloud

9th July 2024 - Wellington, New Zealand

Award-winning data resilience and security platform provider Revyz has teamed up with innovative Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, TechTime Initiative Group, to deliver a much-needed boost to SMEs and startups using the Atlassian Cloud suite of products (Jira and Confluence) in New Zealand and Australia.


“We’re bringing a ‘have your (security) cake and eat it too’ approach to those small and medium-sized businesses who are often challenged with running an optimal cloud footprint with rising costs”.

Stu Lees, Head of Partnerships and Marketing at Revyz


“With the support of TechTime, we’ve been able to bring these smaller players a bundle that can lead to thousands of dollars in annual savings combined with a huge uplift in their own data security and ability to meet tough globally recognized compliance standards.”


The Hidden Costs of Cloud

On its surface, cloud platforms such as Atlassian offer many benefits to small and medium-sized players with a low maintenance footprint and no backend infrastructure required, but there are a number of ‘hidden’ costs.  

Revyz and TechTime are holding an informative webinar in August to help Atlassian customers of all sizes navigate the oftentimes complicated world of licensing, compliance, Cloud maintenance and plugins.

Revyz Event TechTime Aug 2024 Wide

Click here to View and RSVP

Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

Data security is critical in today's digital world, especially for businesses using Atlassian Cloud products like Jira and Confluence for core operations.

For New Zealand businesses, the recent rise in cyberattacks (e.g., MediaWorks, Latitude, School IT systems) underscores this concern. To address these challenges, the TechTime team, after a thorough evaluation, partnered with Revyz.

Revyz's robust data backup, restore, and configuration management solutions provide Atlassian Cloud users with much-needed peace of mind.


"We observe many companies struggling to understand how to optimize their Atlassian Cloud stack, which apps to use, and not grasping the limitations in Jira and Confluence in security and compliance areas – we entered into this collaboration (with Revyz) to help solve these concerns for our customers.”

Eduard Letifov, co-founder, CTO, TechTime


Global Innovation, Local Expertise

This strategic partnership will allow TechTime to deliver superior data protection and configuration management solutions for Atlassian clients in New Zealand and Australia by combining local expertise with Revyz's innovative and award-winning global offerings. 




Stu Lees

Stu is the VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Revyz Inc. With a career spanning over 25 years in IT, Stu runs the global marketing and partnership teams for the Revyz business and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Stu has worked in a wide variety of arenas that include 15 years in senior leadership roles in enterprise IT as well as running his own technology integration company from 2006-2013. Stu is involved as a leader in the Auckland Atlassian ACE group and speaks frequently in webinars on both cyber security and marketing.

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