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Revyz wins Atlassian Partner of the Year Awardđź”’ - Press Release

Product Overview

Revyz Data Manager helps admins to Manage, Protect, Analyze and Optimize your Jira environment with our award winning, no-code platform.

For the first time ever, Jira Admins can schedule and automate backups, move data seamlessly between cloud sites and much, much more.

The best way to learn more is to start a free trial or to arrange a live demo.


Backup, Restore, Clone, Analyze and Clean Up for Jira

Revyz Data Manager is an award winning marketplace app that is backed by Atlassian Ventures and won the Atlassian Marketplace App of the year award in 2022

With Revyz Data Manager you can automate, configure and have complete control over your backups with the confidence of having enterprise class, SOC2 compliant storage and granular restore - all at the press of a button.
"With Revyz we were able to instantaneously recover Jira issues and attachments deleted accidentally. The Revyz solution had our backs! "
Oscar Hernandez,
Sr Systems Administrator
"Revyz provides us with peace of mind against accidental data loss."
Steven Huang,
Director IT, Backroads
"Revyz's simple to use solution provides an easy way to address some of the shared responsibilities customers have with their cloud data"
Christopher Pepe,
CTO, Praecipio
Revyz Backup and Restore for Jira

Enterprise Grade Granular Backup + Restore

Jira does not provide end users with granular data restore or point in time restore with the off the shelf solution.

Our customers choose from a variety of backup methods so that they can;

  • Schedule and automate your backups
  • Full or granular restore options
  • No-code, no scripting - just point and click
  • Backup Dashboard 
  • App notifications


Cloud to Cloud Cloning

Clone data from one cloud site to another with the following features;

  • Easily copy project configurations from Sandbox to Production 
  • No-code, no scripting - just point and click
  • Consolidate various Jira sites into one
  • Separate out projects and move projects and data seamlessly from one site to another
  • Complete granular control of what gets copied and linked enabling you to reduce clutter
Revyz Cloud to Cloud Clone for Jira
Revyz System Analyzer for Jira

Site Insights + Analyzer

Get a clear picture of your Jira environment in a single place with our Analyzer.  Get access to the following features;

  • Get a bird's-eye view of all of your Jira configuration objects
  • No-code, no scripting - just point and click from a central management console
  • Know which issues were deleted and by whom
  • Quickly and easily find attachments, know where they are located and decide on what to do with them
  • Get an understanding of how each of your configuration objects relate to each other
  • Configure an array of useful App notifications to keep you informed of system events and health

Bulk Site Clean-Up

Save time and improve your site performance by removing objects that are no longer required.  Combined with our backup tool, this feature gives administrators confidence and flexibility.

Get access to the following features;

  • Reduce clutter in your Jira site by bulk deleting unused objects
  • Find and bulk delete in-active configuration objects
  • Remove duplicate objects with a single click
Revyz System Optimizer for Jira

Explore Revyz Data Manager Further 

See what people are saying about Revyz Backup for Jira

Verified reviews from the Atlassian Marketplace

Try Revyz Data Manager Today

  • Secure your Jira Cloud with enterprise class backups
  • Quickly and easily migrate data from sandbox to production 
  • Analyze and monitor your Jira configuration 
  • Identify and remove unwanted system objects with the click of a button
SecureYourJiraCloud man with screen

Designed for the Enterprise

Isolated from Atlassian cloud, offsite backups are hosted on secure , compliant and highly available AWS Cloud. Fully compliant with Atlassian’s native authentication and authorization controls.
Further more Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit using industry standard protocols - TLS 1.2 & AES256.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Data Management in Jira


Prevent Data Loss

Prevent accidental or malicious actions by staff or outsiders can cause irrecoverable data loss with full and granular restore


Data Backup

Automate your backups and gain assurance that they are working to an enterprise grade


Save Time

Jira Admins can spend a lot of time doing manual and repetitive tasks - the Revyz toolkit allows you to focus on the work that matters


Change Impact

Manage changes with confidence by doing in-state backups prior to migrations with the confidence that you can roll back



Ensure that your Jira site is in line with your corporate and industry data security compliance requirements


Data Security

By using the full suite of Revyz tools you'll have visibility and the ability to manage your data in order to create the most secure and robust environment

The Ultimate Guide to Jira Data Protection

Don't get caught assuming that all of your Jira data is protected just because you have migrated to the cloud. 

Read our comprehensive guide to understanding your Jira data and ensuring a resilient and easy to manage environment.

Revyz Ultimate guide to Jira data protection