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Features at a Glance

Revyz Data Manager has been built with speed and flexibility in mind.  The following features are available ;

- Backup Automation
- Backup Scheduling
- Incremental Backups
- Unlimited one-time backups
- Backup Alerts Notifications and Tickets
- Full visibility with Backup Dashboard

Our no-code, point and click restore means that you can restore anytime that you want and in the following ways;

- Entire system restore
- Individual project
- Individual ticket
- Individual object

Restore your files to

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Revyz Data Manager is tighlty integrated into Jira as an app meaning you don't have to leave Jira to manage your backups (and the many other features of our suite). 

The app has been carefully designed to intuitively look, act and feel like Jira so that it is quick to learn and easy to use.

Backup and restore is just the start with Revyz Data Manager suite.  Out of the box, our App includes these unqiue features all in one location;

- Data Backup and Restore


Explore Backup and Restore Further

Why Revzy for Data Backups and Restore?

More Features Than Any Others

Revzy Data Manager has the most comprehensive set of backup and recovery features available on the App Marketplace

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Native Jira Integration

You don't even have to open a new tab to use Revyz as our app is tightly integrated inside the Jira platform

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Restore in 90 Seconds

You can restore individual data objects from your Jira backups in less time that it takes to make a coffee.

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Enterprise Grade Protection

Built from the ground up to meet enterprise level compliance  standards such as SOC2.

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Global Adventure Tour Company, Backroads, Secures ...

Ready how Backroads transformed compliance risk and reduced hours of manual effort by implementing a strategic, backup and restore policy.

"With such a huge amount of growth in our business and user count, having the ability to backup and restore in so many ways has made us more agile and responsive to business changes."


Understanding your Jira configuration objects

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Sandbox to Production

Consolidating Projects / Sites

Splitting a Site

Granular Config Copy

Data Protection Resources 


Revyz Ultimate guide to Jira data protection

Jira Data Protection

The Ultimate Guide to Jira Data protection for Jira Administrators


Atlassian Shared Responsibility Whitepaper

The full guidelines published by Atlassian


Know Where You Stand

Our two page guide for admins on best practices for data protection in a shared responsibility framework


Gartner Report on SaaS data securit

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Explore Backup and Restore Further