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Get Complete Visibility of Your Jira Site

A feature of Revyz Data Manager for Jira

Revyz Site Insights gives admins a visual window into your Jira site with analytics, providing you with critical data points that will drive decisions in securing and maintaining your Jira site.

Revyz System Analyzer for Jira

Site Insights for Jira

Revyz Data Manager is an award winning marketplace app that is backed by Atlassian Ventures and won the Atlassian Marketplace App of the year award in 2022

With the Revyz Data Manager for Jira app you can now manage, protect (backup & restore), analyze and optimize  your Jira cloud data with the confidence of having an enterprise class, SOC2 compliant solution that is natively integrated into your Jira console and will address your data management use case at the press of a button. 
The Site Insights feature enables admins to understand the complexity of their Jira site while getting critical analytics to help secure and maintain their Jira site at peak performance. 

View and manage your Jira site from a central dashboard

Get the big picture in one go, or dive deep into your Jira site with the Site Insights tool inside Revyz Data Manager 

Revyz Site Insights screen with icon

The Power of Visibility

Identify Problems Early

You can't manage what you can't see - Site Insights gives admins the ability to check in on the site and find problem areas, or behaviors before they get out of hand


Analyze Configuration

Jira is an awesome platform but at this stage, does not make it easy for admins to analyze your configuration - that is why we built this feature


Find Attachments Fast

Admins have told us that finding attachments in Jira can be a challenge - Analyzer makes this quick and easy


Identify & Review Deletions

Analyze your data and discover who is deleting what from your site.


Site Insights Features at a Glance

Explore the features of Revyz Data Manager below
Site Insights Features
  • Summary analytics of your Jira site
  • Audit log of issue deletions with answers to what, when and who deleted Jira issues in your site
  • Easily find attachments in your Jira site using our Attachment analysis tool
  • Keep your Jira site compliant with your content policies and optimized
  • Visually explore the configuration of your Jira site
Auditing & Logging

Meet risk and compliance obligations with full logging. 

  • Detailed logging of all "jobs" run through the app including backup, restore, deletion and clone jobs - These logs will help you understand any errors and issues seen by the system
  • Immutable audit log of who, when and what was accessed within the app 
Enterprise Security
  • Secure pairing of Jira Cloud sites to address use cases such as sandbox to prod data clone or clone data between any Jira cloud site
  • Immutable, air-gapped backups 
  • Atlassian native authentication and authorization
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit - TLS 1.2 & AES256
  • Envelope encryption using separate Key & data encryption keys
  • ๐ŸŒ Data Residency options: US East ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Frankfurt ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Sydney ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ
  • SOC2 accredited
Native Jira Integration

Revyz Data Manager is tightly integrated into Jira as an app meaning you don't have to leave Jira to manage your backups (and the many other features of our suite). 

The app has been carefully designed to intuitively look, act and feel like Jira so that it is quick to learn and easy to use.

  • Jira Data Manager is built into your Jira console
  • Atlassian native authentication and authorization
  • Backup and restore job notifications via Jira tickets
Revyz Data Manager Features

View the full features of the Revzy Data Manager App for Jira below;

If you would like to check out the full features of Revzy Data Maanger, why not Book a Demo ?

Explore Jira Site Insights

Why Revyz Data Manager?

More Features Than Any Others

Revyz Data Manager has the most comprehensive set of backup and recovery features available on the App Marketplace


Native Jira Integration

You don't even have to open a new tab to use Revyz as our app is tightly integrated inside the Jira platform


Restore in 90 Seconds

You can restore individual data objects from your Jira backups in less time that it takes to make a coffee.


Enterprise Grade Protection

Built from the ground up to meet enterprise level compliance  standards such as SOC2.


backgroads case study pic

Global Tourism Leader uses Revyz Data Manager to reduce risk and meet compliance obligations

"Choosing Revyz means the IT team has more time to
support staff as they help plan those memorable trips
for their guests. โ€œThere are a lot of systems we could
do without,โ€ Steven said. โ€œBut not Jira. Itโ€™s the heart
of our business, and Revyz ensures that data is
secure so our company can continue serving our


Explore Site Insights

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